Patient Comments

    Acoustic tumor

  • “We received the greatest care with Dr. Fukushima. From the bottom of our hearts we are grateful to have met him. My hearing has recovered fully. Using the telephone is a relief. We are full of gratitude.”


  • "I remember I was in tears when I came out of the intensive care unit because I heard the voice of my daughter and husband. I was worried postoperatively that my facial nerve would remain the same but I came out better thanks to him.”

     "I am in very good shape without any problem at all after Optic nerve meningioma surgery. This doctor is the best in the world."

    "After petroclival meningioma surgery, I am spending every day without any worries.”

     “I am able to drive after tuberculum sellae meningioma surgery. It's amazing to know the expression of the person you have a conversation with and that your body can move properly, and that you are able to live without losing those senses. To me, it is amazing. My gratitude has grown daily and even more so after my surgery."