I am dedicated to do my absolute best to assure that I save as many patients as I can.

I established the "Keyhole surgery" technique to minimize the size of the craniotomy, as well as to reduce risk and shorten recovery of patients.

I have performed 24,000 neurosurgical cases so far. Among the 24,000 patients, 16,000 case are skull base neurosurgical surgeries (world record), 2,200 aneurysm cases and 10,000 cases of skull base brain tumors.

My motto is "one surgery and full recovery. I try my best for every patient so they can have the best outcome as possible.

Carolina skull base surgery center director / Duke University Professor of Neurosurgery
Moriyama Memorial Hospital Fukushima Takanori Neurological Center Senior Advisor
Tokyo Clinic Fukushima Takanori Neurological Center Senior Advisor
Takanori Fukushima

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From Takanori Fukushima

In my office in North Carolina in the United States, every week, 70-100 people contact me through e-mail, fax and letters. In my free time or after finishing work, I personally read through all the inquiries. Priority goes to urgent surgical cases. For extremely urgent cases, patients will get a direct email or phone call. However, the number of inquiries is enormous, so it is difficult to reply to everyone timely even though I try my best to do so. Year round, I perform surgeries as well as academic lectures, so the earliest I can reply is in 1-2 weeks and sometimes it can take much longer. I appreciate your cooperation and keep in mind that I try my best to get to everyone.

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